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This whole thing started out back in December 2017 when Tim & his wife were working on a new location and wanted to try a concept they weren't too familiar with. Without a lot of resources online he started the r/BarOwners sub on Reddit as a place for bar owners to talk shop and share ideas. Fast forward to October 2022 and 5,500 members later, novice bar owner Nikki posted looking for podcast recommendations. A few DMs back and forth and The Bar Owners Podcast was created. 

The purpose of this podcast is to share the many experiences of bar owners and entertain as well. We'll never have a guest on the show who claims to be an expert in the bar industry. None of us are experts. We're all just doing the best we can while trying to have fun and make a living. So if you've always wanted to open a bar or watch too many "reality" TV shows about bars, pour yourself a drink and hit that subscribe button!


Tim from The Bar Owners Podcast
Nikki from The Bar Owners Podcast


Tim started out in the industry as a door guy and bar back at neighborhood pool hall in Dallas in 2002. After a few career changes here and there he ended up in a bar again in 2011 when he, his wife and some friends bought a bar. A few locations later, he's still looking to learn as much as he can. 


Nikki is new to the game, and came into this industry thru her partner Dan, who has been running bars all over New York City for the past 12 years. They opened their first bar in The Bronx in 2021, and built it from scratch in the heat of the Covid pandemic. She’s constantly curious and constantly learning.

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